Top 10 tips for placing items into cheap storage

Top 10 tips for placing items into cheap storage

So here we go for Rock Storage Solutions second post! We have all the advice you need right here for you to get the best customer experience for your storage in Sheffield. Following are our Top 10 tips for placing items into cheap storage.

1. Make a list and create labels

Make a list of the contents you are storing and create labels for the boxes you will be using. This will make unpacking so much easier. Also, if you need to access the contents of the storage unit at any point, it will help you find what you need quickly.

2. Note all high-value items

Make a note of the value of the items, just in case of damage, or if you want to insure the items separately. Check with your unit supplier about what happens in the event of damage.

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3. Put heavy items into your cheap storage first

If you are storing items in a crate, then put large and heavy items in first, such as furniture and boxes of books. Heavy items will stabilise the crate.

4. Store appliances with the doors open

Store fridges, freezers and washing machines with the doors open. You could tape something onto the seal to keep the door from shutting completely.
Make sure you drain washing machines of all water before storage, and it is also good practice to wipe the door seals dry.

5. Wrap furniture in cloth

Try to wrap furniture in cloth rather than plastic, to prevent risk of mildew forming. Old curtains or tablecloths are ideal. You may be able to hire dust sheets from your storage company for this purpose.

6. Store pictures and mirrors upright

Always store pictures or mirrors upright. The risk of breakage is too great when they are lying down, even if you put them right at the top of your crate. They should be totally covered in bubble wrap, preferably with study cardboard taped across the glass. Cut up an old cardboard box for this purpose.

7. Use ‘dead space’

Use the ‘dead space’ created when you store a sofa or large item of furniture. Pack boxes inside wardrobes, for example, and tuck things in the gaps created by sofa seating.

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8. Consider delicate garments

Consider using a temporary hanging wardrobe for clothing, which will fit inside your unit. Your storage company will have these for hire. It makes sense to protect valuable items of clothing by hanging them properly. Suits and delicate garments can suffer permanent damage if left creased for any length of time. Avoid vacuum packing clothing for this reason.

9. Seal boxes with tape

Seal plastic boxes with tape to stop dust from penetrating the contents. Taping them closed is a good way of keeping things fresh and dust free.

10. Make sure you use sturdy boxes only

Make sure the boxes you use are really sturdy. If you are stacking several on top of each other, they need to be able to take the weight on top. Boxes should be stacked with the heaviest items at the bottom. Using just two sizes of box makes packing your crate much easier. Hope this advice helps. There is more storage advice here. For larger storage needs like business storage in Sheffield please call our send us an e-mail.

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