Industrial Dismantling & Removals

Machinery Movements offer the careful dismantling of plant machinery of any size, as well as the removal of obsolete machinery. 

Industrial Dismantling & Removals

At Machinery Movements, we offer a complete and comprehensive industrial dismantling service that allows us to clear and process obsolete machinery and waste from your plant or premises. We can correctly dismantle the components of your building ready for recycling as well as remove any disused machinery. All this can be done whilst ensuring that all health and safety guidelines are followed at all times.

With over 40 years of experience within the industry, we have earned a reputation for providing a first-rate industrial dismantling service, including scrap metal processing, recycling, and removal. Machinery Movements are fully licensed to dispose of any waste from your factory, office or premises in a safe and competent manner.

Industrial dismantling can be a hazardous procedure when relating to the decommission of heavy production machines and clearance of factory and plant premises. This is because it often involves the removing of dangerous materials and the stripping out of interior fittings, on top of moving very large, heavy machines and objects.


Machine Movers

Professional full scale dismantling

As factories and similar premises are busy, often, over time scrap metal and other types of waste tend to accumulate. These waste materials, as well as unused and obsolete machinery, can not only take up a lot of space in your facilities, but can also be unsightly for both your staff and your visitors to your plant.

By having them dismantled and removed, this not only helps you and your facility, but also the environment with as well. Industrial waste and machinery can be hazardous for the planet, effecting everything from water supplies to wildlife. With our help all these things can be safely removed and processed, making your factory or premises greener in the process. We collect and prepare all scrap metal for recycling, so you will also be aiding the preservation of the earths natural resources.

Our fully trained experienced members of staff are proficient in all aspects of the relevant health and safety procedures. This includes the handling, storage, recycling and disposing of scrap metal and other dangerous materials, safe loading and transportation and the wearing of the correct personal protection equipment. This means we can handle everything and you won’t have to worry about doing it all yourself.


In short, Machinery Movements are able to process all your unwanted materials and machinery that you need removed from your premises. We will always ensure your safety, as well as those of our employees, visitors and contractors.
Our full industrial dismantling service includes:

  • Strip out works for factories

  • Removal of redundant steels works

  • Mezzanine floors

  • Overhead cranes

  • Pipe-work Services

  • Boilers Heating Systems

  • Electrical Switch Gear and Cabling

  • Partitioning

  • Air Conditioning

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